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The KDT application has been updated with a new version, 2.02.1, which brings numerous innovations and improvements, color variations that facilitate the user experience of the app and other facilitations in the search for series, key codes and notifications.

In the search by code of the keys and in the search by series we have added a few descriptive notes, while in the advanced we have improved the search by code function.

We have improved the decoding, key cutting and clamp calibration functions and added others improvements, like:

  • The ability to update the axis card firmware directly from the App.
  • We have added new functions for the management of the calibration in the screen dedicated to the calibration of the clamps,
  • Among the settings of the app, in the case of an incoming call, we have added the possibility of choosing whether to continue the key cutting function while answering the phone, or whether to pause the procedure in progress (for example, decoding or cut), then answer and resume the paused action at the end of the call.

We have implemented the user experience by changing the colors of a few icons in the main menu and the color of a few buttons (green to start the movement, red to stop it).

Finally, a notification has been added whenever there is a new version of the APP available on the Play Store.

Click here to open the Play Store and immediately update the application on your smartphone!