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Warranty conditions

1. Keyline S.p.A. guarantees the good operation of the machine for a period of 24 months from the purcB3:B19ace (if necessary, with a more recent model) or repair the machine or its individual components in case of defects in workmanship.
This warranty does not cover any defects or damages caused by the user because of negligence, or by repairs, replacement of individual components or maintenance carried out by operators not authorized by Keyline S.p.A., or by any circumstance not under the control of Keyline S.p.A. The industrial use of the machines is regulated by the provisions of Art. 7 below.
2. Any repair or replacement expenses, except transport costs, shall be borne by Keyline S.p.A. Parts subject to normal wear and tear, such as cutters, clamps, brushes, and tracers, are not covered by this warranty.
3. Keyline S.p.A. reserves the right to refuse free service when the requested documents (purchase invoice stating the machine serial number) are not provided or when the information is incomplete, illegible or incompatible with the manufacturing data.
4. At Keyline S.p.A.'s sole discretion, repairs may include the updating of some details and the replacement of components with equivalent parts, new or refurbished. The replaced components and accessories are guaranteed for the residual duration of the original warranty. Replacement of the product or of a part does not extend or restart the warranty period.
5. If a machine still under warranty is equipped with non-original accessories, Keyline S.p.A. shall not be liable for any malfunction and the warranty shall be considered void.
Keyline S.p.A. does not guarantee the correct operation of the product/machine combination, if the machine is used together with non-original accessories or equipment, and, consequently, shall not accept requests for service under the warranty.
In order to make use of this warranty, the customer undertakes to notify Keyline S.p.A. of any defect covered by the warranty within 30 days from its manifestation, on pain of this warranty becoming void. In case of non-compliance, for any reason, of this term, the one provided for by Art. 1495 CC will be applied.
6. The following items are excluded from the warranty:
- Components subject to normal wear and tear or deterioration as a consequence of a normal use of the product and defects originated by the same cause.
- Product defects that can be led back to non-compliance with the instructions for use, incorrect use, anomalous environmental conditions, non-compliant operating conditions, lack of maintenance or care or industrial use of the machine without service.
- Defects or damages due to transport, humidity, liquids or infiltrations caused by the incorrect use of the product.
- Defects due to an incorrect preservation of the product on unsuitable or inappropriate environmental conditions which differ from the technical specifications of the product, from the instructions for use, from the installation guide;
- Scratches or damages to the surfaces and external parts caused by the normal use of the Product by the customer.
- Defects of the key cutting machine due to the use of non-original Keyline S.p.A. accessories or spare parts.
- Products that have been altered or integrated with no previous agreement.
- Minimal anomalies of the product's characteristics that do not compromise its value and performance.
Except for the right to the elimination of any of the defects mentioned in these warranty terms and conditions, any other rights are explicitly excluded.
Keyline S.p.A. refuses any liability for injury to persons and components deriving from lacking grounding or improper use of the product.
7. Machines subject to industrial use that exceed the set number of work cycles during the validity of the warranty must be subjected to regular maintenance, carried out exclusively by Keyline S.p.A. staff; the costs of regular maintenance are borne by the customer. If no maintenance is carried out, the warranty is to be considered null and void as at the moment in which the machine exceeds the number of work cycles declared by Keyline S.p.A.
The number of cycles that determines the definition of a machine for industrial use is 10,000 cycles per year (25.000 Versa, Sigma Pro, Dezmo).
Transportation is left to the user to arrange, who may choose the carrier. Transportation costs and risks are borne by the customer.
8. Competent court
Shall any dispute arise in relation to the validity, interpretation, execution, dissolution or non-fulfilment of this document, the court of competent jurisdiction is located in Treviso, Italy.