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Social value

Social value

The concept at the basis of the Keyline factory is a clear expression of the company’s innovative spirit. The production plant is placed within a wider context of cultural creation, where people work together to create new development models.

The awareness of the need to promote the role of women, young people and the school opens the doors of the company to the territory and encourages the development of projects addressed to the local communities. A company welfare programme is in place to care for the employees.

The factory is a vital environment, where the quality of work also becomes quality of life and a support to society.

Keyline Social Responsibility Committee

Keyline culture and identity are reflected in the Social Responsibility Committee. It is a company- wide body created to develop social and cultural initiatives. The Committee promotes community feeling and uses the company spaces to promote internal relationships. It is always open to interactions with the community, as the community is the soil in which its roots thrive. It encourages art as a form of growth and inspiration, and, after publishing two books, is now printing a magazine twice a year. The Keyline Magazine is prepared in Italian and English and is available for download from the company website; it promotes the initiatives of the Keyline world and records the milestones of the company social development.

Corporate welfare

The corporate welfare system includes a work flexibility programme and offers several services and benefits, also thanks to the collaboration with professional structures in the territory. Keyline promotes the culture of wellness, which means, first of all, the promotion and protection of people’s health in the workplace, but also the scheduling of work hours and tasks taking into account parental leave and the reconciliation of work and family life.

For Keyline, wellness also means culture. The in-house library and the participation in events, exhibitions and guided tours support personal growth, while family holidays create a fundamental climate of sharing. Moreover, the company offers two scholarships dedicated to Carlo Gribaudi every year, to the two best students chosen among the children of the company’s employees.

Corporate responsibility

Keyline is active in social and territorial dynamics. The role of the factory as an engine for new attitudes is shown by the changes the company has undergone in the last few years.

The increase and increasingly skilled role of female workers created a new quality of work, and a new way of looking at work, relationships and procedures. This is the new factor that allowed the company to be more reactive to the increasing complexity of today’s world.

The appreciation for the role of young people - of the relationships with schools and universities, aimed at promoting employment and the correct management of new talents - brought the energy and vision of the new generations inside the company, to revive the experience of a long tradition.

Keyline’s management is always engaged in national meetings and public debates, often organising such events at the company’s headquarters, to promote the role of women, young people and culture within the corporate world. This fundamental commitment has already gained the company several awards and recognitions.