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Keycoin is the pay-per-use system to buy the annual subscription to Liger software updates, both individually or in different packages format.

Keycoins are available in 50, 75, 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 packages.

How it works: you simply need to purchase the Keycoin Card and scratch-off the bar to discover the ID code. Insert the code in the appropriate space inside the new Wallet menu inside your Profile of the KCT App and software. The amount will be immediately available and associated to your profile. Inside the wallet you can view your balance, the latest transactions and all the recharges you have done.

The Keycoin can be used immediately from the Keyline Market menu to purchase one or more Liger subscriptions for any Keyline electronic key cutting machine registered on your profile. The amount of each Keycoin Card is associated to the user profile and can be uploaded to the wallet only once and for its full amount.

At the first Keycoin charge, please update your Keyline Cloning Tool App and Software.

Liger Software | Software update subscription through a USB drive

How to download the software update subscription throught a USB drive.

Liger Software | Software update subscription with Key cutting machine connected to the Internet

How to download the software update subscription if your duplicating machine is connected to the Internet.