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STAK is the device that completes the Keyline automotive solution with the programming of transponder keys, proximity keys and remote controls, and for reading PIN codes of the main car manufacturers in the world.

With a wide and continuously updated application list, inclusive of diagnostic coverage carefully designed for the most common vehicle models available today, STAK is one of the simplest stand-alone programming tools currently available in the market.

STAK is completely dedicated to the world of keys, it is in fact capable of guaranteeing high quality performance through a user friendly interface and very fast operation. A development that involved the partnership between Keyline’s innovation and the advanced technology of Abrites®, the world leader in automotive diagnosis, to offer a highly professional solution.

User-friendly software interface: through the Keyline Cloning Tool software, STAK * guides you step by step through the pre-coding operations, by reading the pin-code and programming a vehicle key. Starting from the search for MAKE, MODEL, YEAR, all the information necessary for programming, including the position of the OBD port, can be accessed directly from the software.

Maximum simplicity, the user can program the car key in a few and simple integrated steps, making the entire process significantly faster. It is also possible to program several remote controls in the same session. The pre-coding is managed in perfect combination with the 884 Decryptor Mini** and 884 Decryptor Ultegra devices.

Flexible solution: STAK operations can be activated through the KeyCoin virtual currency system, for even more immediate use. Once you have loaded your KeyCoin wallet, you can choose whether to pay for each individual transaction or to purchase the annual programming package, making Stak a flexible device that is suitable for all types of needs.

Practical and comfortable. STAK has a very functional design, just like all Keyline’s products. Compact and easy to handle, it is supplied with a USB cable, for a streamlined use and maximum portability. STAK also supports all the original Keyline remote controls and look-a-like remote controls.


  •  Make sure you have a stable and functioning internet connection. Connect STAK to your Windows device (7 or later)*** via USB port and access the Keyline Cloning Tool software.
  •  Click on the PROGRAMMING menu and select MAKE, MODEL, YEAR of the vehicle.
  •  Connect STAK to the OBD port, as indicated by the image provided by the software. Then proceed with the operation you want to perform.
  • A dedicated adapter is available for Toyota® models. For the use, please follow the instructions to Keyline Cloning Tool Software.

* It is recommended to perform any programming operation with the car battery fully charged. In the event of downloading, STAK guarantees a programming recovery program in progress. A good and stable internet connection is always required.

** The pre-coding function for Abarth®, Alfa Romeo®, Fiat® and Lancia® is available exclusively in combination with Bluetooth & Power Adaptor 2.0

*** Windows device with at least 2 USB ports, otherwise it is necessary to have a USB hub.

KeyCoin is the new Keyline virtual currency for the purchasing of Keyline services.


Power supply

12V through OBD port

External connections



Width: 42 mm / Depth: 21 mm / Height: 78 mm


60 gr

STAK diagnostic tool: inspiring life changing experience!

The two owners of this hardware shop explain how they began to program car keys with STAK!