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Key type

Edge cut Key, Dimple Key, Cruciform Key, Laser Key, Bit and Pump Key, Cadorine Key, Patent and Italian Style Keys, P.O. Box Keys, Tibbe Keys, Tubular Keys, Simplex Key, Keyless key





Transponder technology

What is key diagnostics?

The automotive remote-control diagnostics is a procedure which allows to program a new key using a dedicated diagnostic device. The operation can be done by well-equipped auto dealers, locksmith shops, car electricians and car mechanics.

Remote control diagnostics: how it is done?

The procedure is done directly in the car or remotely and in a short time thanks to the help of some dedicated tools such as STAK, a device for the programming of transponder keys. Instructions for the correct remote controls’ diagnostics The programming procedure is very easy, thanks to the ease of use of the device and of the dedicated software, Keyline Cloning Tool. Once connected the diagnostic remote-control device to your PC with USB, you have just to start the Keyline software and from here go to the Programming menu. Choose the brand, the model and the year of the vehicle and connect the device to the OBD port of the vehicle. Then follow the steps from the software to complete the key diagnostic operation.

When does the remote-control diagnostic procedure need?

Following the loss, the breakage or the theft of a remote control, it is necessary to proceed with the programming of a new key. At Keyline you will find everything you need to offer your customers the operations of key duplicating, cloning and reprogramming: from automotive remote controls up to electronic keys, and from software dedicated to automotive key diagnostic devices up to keyless systems kits. Discover all the Keyline range for the transponder technology!