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Key type

Edge cut Key, Dimple Key, Cruciform Key, Laser Key, Bit and Pump Key, Cadorine Key, Patent and Italian Style Keys, P.O. Box Keys, Tibbe Keys, Tubular Keys, Simplex Key, Keyless key





Transponder technology

When a radio remote control diagnosis system is needed?

When a remote control is lost, broken or stolen and it’s necessary to program a new key.

Through Keyline you will find everything you need to offer your customer new keys by performing duplicating, cloning and programming processes: from car keys (equipped with a compartment for the transponder) to certified radio controls, from proximity keys to kits for keyless systems.

Find the whole Keyline range of transponder technology!

Who can duplicate your car keys?

A copy of the car keys can be requested to a car dealer, or an auto electrician, a mechanic or a car key duplication centre.
In order to copy car keys, it is necessary to have a duplicator for cutting the mechanical key and tools for duplicating the transponder, the cloner and the programming device.

How to copy a car remote control?

The duplicating process will be quickly performed from the car or remotely by using professional tools, such as the 884 Decryptor Mini cloner, and STAK diagnostic.

Cloning and programming car remote controls is very simple thanks to user friedly devices and the software “Keyline Cloning Tool”.
Once you have connected the cloning device to the PC via Bluetooth or USB port and the programming device to the car's OBD port, launch the Keyline software and navigate to Programming.
Select make, model and year of the vehicle and click to connect. Then follow the instructions to complete the procedure.