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Key type

Edge cut Key, Laser Key, Tibbe Keys, Simplex Key, Keyless key






What types of keys can be ordered?

On the website you can find different types of keys depending on your needs

You can order:
- residential and commercial keys, divided into cylinder keys, cruciform keys, bit and pump keys, dimple keys, personalized keys with laser engraving, Italian style and cadorine.
- automotive keys, for cars, trucks and motorcycles.
- colored keys, in assorted colors to make easy to identify the most used keys (house, garage and office keys).

Can I customize set of keys with my business information?

Sets of keys can be customized with all the details, logos and information of your company using specific coinage and laser engravings.

How can I identify and trace a key code?

Thanks to the profile reader - Camillo Bianchi Reader - it is possible to easily identify profiles of single and double-sided flat keys, and the profiles of dimple keys.
You don't need to be an expert because this tool is capable to read and recognize many profiles that are then imported in the integrated display.

What material are the keys made of?

The keys available in our catalog are produced in different materials: brass, aluminum, steel or nickel silver.