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Residential & Business

Key type

Bit and Pump Key, Patent and Italian Style Keys

Key cutting



What types of keys can be ordered?

On the website you can find different types of keys depending on your needs

You can order:
- residential and commercial keys, divided into cylinder keys, cruciform keys, bit and pump keys, dimple keys, personalized keys with laser engraving, Italian style and cadorine.
- automotive keys, for cars, trucks and motorcycles.
- colored keys, in assorted colors to make easy to identify the most used keys (house, garage and office keys).

Can I customize set of keys with my business information?

Sets of keys can be customized with all the details, logos and information of your company using specific coinage and laser engravings.

How can I identify and trace a key code?

Thanks to the profile reader - Camillo Bianchi Reader - it is possible to easily identify profiles of single and double-sided flat keys, and the profiles of dimple keys.
You don't need to be an expert because this tool is capable to read and recognize many profiles that are then imported in the integrated display.

What material are the keys made of?

The keys available in our catalog are produced in different materials: brass, aluminum, steel or nickel silver.

Electronic key cutting machines

What is an electronic key cutting machine and what purpose does it serve?

Electronic key cutting machines are machines used for copying car and residential keys. The duplication procedure is performed by a reader, that copies the characteristics of the original key into the blank (virgin) key.

During the decoding, copying and encryption processes, the electronic key cutting machine will cut the new key in few minutes completely automatically.
Keyline electronic key cutting machines can be easily managed from a dedicated console that operates with Liger proprietary software.

What is the difference between an electronic and a mechanical cutting machine?

The electronic key cutting machine works without physical support of an operator, while the mechanical key cutting machine requires manual support to cut the key.

Which keys can I get duplicated by Keyline electronic machines?

The duplicating keys process is extremely simple thanks to Keyline innovative feature and technology. In fact it is possible to cut flat keys and cross keys with Ninja and Dezmo; flat and laser keys with Gymkana; flat, laser and dimple keys with Ninja Total; laser and dimple keys with Versa and Ninja Vortex; bit and pump wrenches with Sigma Pro.

Who can duplicate keys?

A copy of the keys can be requested at your trusted locksmith, key copy centres, hobby stores, cutlery, shoes repairs, authorized workshops, auto electricians, body shops (for car keys).

Mechanical key cutting machines

What is a mechanical key cutting machine and what purpose does it serve?

Mechanical key cutting machines are professional equipment for copying all types of keys in a traditional way.

They are equipped with knobs and easily rotatable clamps, to copy different types of keys starting from the original key. Compared to electronic cutting machines, they require basic cutting experience because the duplication is performed by an operator.

Which keys can I get duplicated with a mechanical key cutting machine?

Mechanical key cutting machines are capable to copy all types of car and residential keys.

Keyline range offers Carat, Easy and Ninja Dark for cutting flat cross keys; Point for laser and dimple keys; the T-Rex range, with T-Rex, T-Rex Plus and T-Rex Advance for laser, dimple and tubular keys; 201, 202, 2023, 204 and 206 for bit and pump keys.

Arcadia (tubular) or Falcon (Ford, Jaguar or high security keys) can be used for special keys.

Software and Keycoin

What Keycoins consist of?

Keycoins are virtual money that allows you to purchase software subscriptions for key cutting machines and cloning and programming devices.
In addition, they can also be used to buy other services within Keyline Cloning Tool and Keyline HUB apps.

Which software is used to operate Keyline key cutting machines?

Keyline apps and software are developed by Keyline R&D team to manage devices and key cutting machines.

The operating software for almost all Keyline key cutting machines is Liger, a software with a database of thousands key cutting systems. It can be activated through updated packages that can be purchased on the KCT market with Keycoins.

By topping up your own virtual Keycoin wallet it is possible to carry out many other operations, such as for example subscribing to updated packages for STAK and 884 Decryptor Mini, respectively the programming and the cloning device (these products can also be used in pay-per-use mode).

What the new Keyline HUB app is?

Keyline HUB is the new exclusive Keyline app for managing all Keyline products, from key cutting machines to automotive tools. The application is available for all Android devices and allows you to record, manage and check all the information about your Keyline products. You will be able to search detailed information and directly request technical assistance.
Only inside the app you can watch new tutorial videos, private content, manuals, catalogs and informational leaflets for each product.