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Mavik: the new universal remote control!

Mavik, is the new Keyline universal remote control for vehicles, which reproduce the functionality of the original key.

Universal, endlessly reusable, with sturdy flip system and integrated transponder, allows the programming of most of the car brands in the market!

Easy and intuitive to use, in a few steps you get a copy of the remote control using 884 Decryptor Mini/884 Decryptor Ultegra and your smartphone. Mavik is also designed for the on board programming through a diagnostic device.

Compact and elegant, with the exclusive Keyline design, combining practicality of use with high quality electronic materials and components. Perfectly compatible with the Keyline range of key blades. All Proudly Made in Italy.

Wireless pre-coding* is the new function necessary for the pre-setting of Mavik in a few simple steps from the KCT App or from the Keyline Cloning Tool software, through the Keyline cloning tools.

Mavik represents the high quality replacement remote control at a competitive price!

Please update your KCT App and Keyline Software to the latest version.

* The pre-coding function must be purchased separately and activated in the KCT App and Software.