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The latest addition to the Keyline product line is Messenger: a portable and lightweight machine designed for those who want to duplicate keys on the go.

The lightweight and compact design, in combination with the ability of being battery powered, makes it a perfect key cutting machine for the specialist who wants to duplicate keys on the go!

With Messenger, it is possible to decode and cut edge cut, laser and dimple keys in a wide variety of settings, allowing you to offer automotive and residential key duplication services almost anywhere!

The machine is simple to use: the user can control all the functions of the machine through the KDT App, which can be used with an Android smartphone or tablet. The app features Keyline’s rich database of automotive and residential keys, a new graphic interface, and many other new elements.

Messenger® comes with 2 new clamps. The Q clamp for laser and dimple keys is an innovation in the world of duplication. With a single clamp, it can cut a wide variety of residential keys. The N clamp for automotive edge cut keys allows you to create symmetrical cuts on both sides without having to turn the key.

The duplicator can be purchased with a few clicks directly and conveniently online, from the site http://keylinemessenger.com.

Watch the dedicated video and buy yours now!