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EEPROM Xtra.Kit is the safest professional solution to create one or more transponder key copies when the original key is not available.

By updating the 884 Decryptor Mini and the 884 Decryptor Ultegra with EEPROM Xtra.Kit, you add the Windows 7 or higher-compatible EEPROM Xtra menu to the Keyline Cloning Tool software. In this way, you will be able to transcribe the key data as stored in the EEPROM memory of the vehicle onto a new Keyline transponder, without the need of any diagnostic device. EEPROM Xtra uses Keyline technology exclusively, including the GK100, GKM, CK100, CKG and CK50 chips and the TK50, TK100, TKM and TKG electronic heads, to ensure maximum quality and top performance.
Different from other solutions in the market, EEPROM Xtra does not alter the information stored in the EEPROM memory, as it does not rewrite its data.
With a large database of models of cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and trucks, EEPROM Xtra makes it possible to clone the most common keys in the world. EEPROM Xtra does not require purchase of tokens or additional modules in order to complete the key creation process, thus ensuring a considerable savings.